Planning Your Prom Committees

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Planning Your Prom Committees Getting ready to plan Prom is often a chore in itself. Good organization up front will help you get things started right and keep the process running smoothly. If your school is small, you may be used to planning as one large committee, but it might be wise to declare committees,  Continue Reading »

5 Ways to Make Prom Better Than Ever

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5 Ways To Make Prom Better Than Ever! Posted on: Thursday, December 30, 2010 1. Involve students early on. Take polls, ask questions, get feedback, and by all means get as many kids on the Prom committee as possible. The more input, the more you’re able to create an evening that is exactly how they  Continue Reading »

9 Ideas for a Twilight Prom

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Twilight Prom Night…Nocturnal Enchantment…Vampires Dancing Under The New Moon… What could be more perfect than a prom reminiscent of everyone’s favorite vampire saga; Twilight. Imagine dancing at twilight, under the new moon, in a beautiful sultry prom dress. Pure prom bliss! Here are 10 ideas to make it perfect: 1. Mystical Prom Invitations Choose prom  Continue Reading »

The Hottest New Prom Themes

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This year’s Prom themes are hotter than ever! Look at the themes everyone is getting excited about below!   Trends in decorating are taking 3 directions in 2013: Glow Themes Dark backdrops accentuated with bright neon colors and glow-in-the dark accessories are all the rage. Skyglow Color Me Paris Electric Avenue     Rock &  Continue Reading »

8 Ways to Celebrate Spirit Week

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Sure funds are tight. But when your spirit is high and you want to CELEBRATE don’t let tight budgets hold you back. Get creative and get SPIRIT! It’s Dress up day and you need to look like a teacher or movie star? Dressing up for spirit week can be easy and affordable if you shop  Continue Reading »

Make Your Own Spirit Face Paint

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 Who doesn’t love to paint their face for the big game? Homecoming, spirit week and playoff games are a great time to get wild with your school spirit and go all out. If you want to paint your face but are lacking one essential component: face paint, then try one of these simple homemade face  Continue Reading »

Think Pink Out

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A school Pink Out or other cause awareness event at your high school can inspire your students to make a difference and raise awareness for special causes. A cause event is a great way to keep students connected, engaged and thinking globally. Cause events are also great school fundraisers when you invite the entire community.  Continue Reading »

This is Your Year 2012

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Celebrate 2012 events in style with this festive theme kit. Part of Prom Nite’s “Prom on a Budget” collection, this 2012 theme kit is affordable ($149.99) and customizable! Balloons and ribbons can be ordered in your school colors, or theme colors. This theme kit can be used for all your year-end celebrations:   Prom Graduation Senior  Continue Reading »

The Hottest Prom Themes for 2012

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This season’s newest Prom Themes are bright and colorful with a nod to retro looks. Prom is all about celebrating, and these fun & festive Prom themes help you do just that.   Walking on Funshine Everyone loves the bright colors and fun look of bubbles in this hot theme!       My Heart Will Go  Continue Reading »

5 Fundraising Ideas

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Fundraising. The dreaded “F” word. Although most of us don’t like to talk about fundraising, it’s a fact that cannot be ignored. A crucial part of planning for homecoming or prom. Usually the only way to have the event that everyone wants. This year make fundraising fun and profitable with some new twists. Think outside  Continue Reading »