Destination: The Perfect Paris Prom Theme

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Paris Prom themes are popular choices for many schools. Everyone wants to experience the City of Lights, and creating a Parisian theme is a great way to do it.  But, how do you create a fun, interesting, and unique French Prom theme that your teens will talk about for years to come? Here are some  Continue Reading »

Prom Planning Made Easy

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Planning your school’s perfect Prom is a big job, but it doesn’t have to be hard. With the right tools, planning Prom can be easy and fun. At Prom Nite, we offer some great Prom planning resources that help take the stress out of getting ready for Prom.   Prom Planner When it comes to  Continue Reading »

Prom Committees 101

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Every Prom advisor needs help to plan the perfect Prom for your kids. Prom planning can be easier and more efficient if you create sub-committees to cover every detail. While the number of sub-committees can vary depending upon your needs and school size, we have created a handy list of possible Prom sub-committees to get  Continue Reading »

Top 10 “Top Teen Pick” Prom Themes

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Prom 2014 will be here before you know it. Part of the fun of organizing and planning Prom is choosing a theme that’s perfect for your school and gets students excited for their big night. We’ve put together 10 Prom themes that are trending now to make choosing a Prom theme even easier.  1. Gatsby  Continue Reading »

Fun and Unique Fundraising Ideas

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Part of planning the perfect Prom, Homecoming or other school dance is making sure your school has enough money to put on the big event. Unless your school has an unlimited bank account, this usually involves some sort of fundraising. Check out these unique ways to fundraise for Prom and have some fun at the  Continue Reading »

4 Homecoming and Prom Decorations

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Decorations can make or break your Homecoming dance or Prom. Forget about floating balloons and crepe streamers—the standard decorations of the past. It’s time to take decorating for the dance to a whole new level. Check out these fun and Homecoming and Prom decorations ideas for your school:   1.    Wonderful Wire Structures Wire structures  Continue Reading »

Winter Dance Theme Ideas

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Once Homecoming is over, it’s time to start thinking about winter. Whether your school puts on a fun Winterfest celebration or has a formal Winter Ball, you’ll need the perfect theme to get everyone in the spirit of the season. Check out these fun and unique winter theme, decoration and favor ideas for your school:  Continue Reading »

6 Spirit Week Ideas For Your School

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Spirit Week is one of the most memorable parts of Homecoming. It’s the time to pump up school spirit, show team pride and get students and staff engaged and involved in school activities. Spirit Week traditions vary from school to school. Most involve theme dress up days and a pep rally, but there are so  Continue Reading »

Homecoming and Spirit Week: Make Your Own Window Chalk

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Are you thinking about decorating the windows in your school or car for Homecoming, spirit week or the “big” game? Don’t have any window chalk? We have a great solution for you! Homemade window chalk! It’s easy, fun and gives you control of the colors you end up with.   Materials: Cups or containers to  Continue Reading »

6 Homecoming & Prom Themes Teens Will Love

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As the grand finale of the season, Homecoming and Prom are some of the biggest high school memory makers, so it’s important to give your teens the time of their lives with the perfect theme. Here are a few fun ideas for Homecoming and Prom themes to make the memories last forever: 1) Experience the  Continue Reading »