10 Fun Ceiling Decorating Ideas For Prom

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When you’re decorating for Prom, don’t overlook the ceiling. With a few simple touches, you can turn your ceiling into part of your theme. Here are 10 fun ceiling decorating ideas to try.   1) Paper Lanterns or Tissue Balls Add drama to your space by covering the ceiling with paper lanterns or tissue balls.  Continue Reading »

After Prom: Party Ideas to Keep the Fun Going

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Many schools or parent groups host an After-Prom party to keep kids safe and accounted for after the dance. Most After-Prom parties feature a casual theme, so teens can unwind and have fun with their friends in a laid-back atmosphere. Here are a few ideas to get you started on your After-Prom party.   Mystery/Masquerade  Continue Reading »

Prom Volunteer Gift Ideas

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With Prom so focused on teens, adult Prom volunteers often get lost in the shuffle, which is too bad, because without this group of dedicated people, there would be no Prom at all. When the event is finally over, it’s important to let your dedicated parents, teachers and other volunteers know they are important, too,  Continue Reading »

5 Ways To Use Fabric in Your Prom Decorating

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Time is precious, especially when it comes to decorating for Prom. You need quick and easy ways to create the perfect look without taking up a ton of time (or your Prom budget). Try decorating with fabric. It’s a great way to give you maximum style with minimum time and effort. Check out these great  Continue Reading »

Are You Making the Most of Your Prom Theme?

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Is your Prom theme missing something? Does it need a little extra touch to take it from simply OK to truly spectacular? A theme kit structure is the perfect solution. Adding one or more of these kits can make all the difference when it comes to creating a memorable event for your teens. Try to  Continue Reading »

Prom Coronation Questions Answered

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Are you a first time Prom Advisor tasked with planning Prom coronation and aren’t sure where to begin? The answer is simple: start with the basics and work from there, adding your own twists along the way to design your perfect Prom coronation. Take a look at these answers to some of the most common  Continue Reading »

5 Tips For Ordering Prom Decorations

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Does the thought of ordering Prom decorations make you nervous? What should you do first? What if you forget something? No worries. We have a few tips that can help take the stress out of planning this part of Prom. These ideas can help make ordering your prom decorations quick, easy, and maybe even fun.  Continue Reading »

DIY Glassware Prom Favors

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Teens are trendy. Glassware is traditional. So, how do you mix the two to create a memorable Prom for your teens with Prom favors that represent both tradition and trend? It’s easy. Take classic glassware and add some of these extra special touches to create the ultimate Prom favors your teens will love.   Fill Glassware  Continue Reading »

Fun and Easy Prom Fundraisers

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Are you looking for easy Prom fundraisers your teens will love to participate in and that don’t take much money up front or much time to execute? We have some great ideas for you. Give some (or all) of these a try. You’ll be amazed at how much money you can raise for Prom.    Continue Reading »

Video: Glow Party Ideas for Prom, Homecoming and Senior All Night Parties

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Get your glow on with fun glow party ideas. Using a glow theme is a fun way to get kids engaged in your party – from Homecoming to Prom, or any dance in between. Glow is especially great for Senior All Night Parties.   Here are some fun glow party ideas:   1. Theme –  Continue Reading »