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Fun and Easy Prom Fundraisers

Are you looking for easy Prom fundraisers your teens will love to participate in and that don’t take much money up front or much time to execute? We have some great ideas for you. Give some (or all) of these a try. You’ll be amazed at how much money you can raise for Prom.    Continue Reading »

Fun and Unique Fundraising Ideas

Part of planning the perfect Prom, Homecoming or other school dance is making sure your school has enough money to put on the big event. Unless your school has an unlimited bank account, this usually involves some sort of fundraising. Check out these unique ways to fundraise for Prom and have some fun at the  Continue Reading »

Think Pink Out

A school Pink Out or other cause awareness event at your high school can inspire your students to make a difference and raise awareness for special causes. A cause event is a great way to keep students connected, engaged and thinking globally. Cause events are also great school fundraisers when you invite the entire community.  Continue Reading »

5 Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising. The dreaded “F” word. Although most of us don’t like to talk about fundraising, it’s a fact that cannot be ignored. A crucial part of planning for homecoming or prom. Usually the only way to have the event that everyone wants. This year make fundraising fun and profitable with some new twists. Think outside  Continue Reading »