5 Super Sweet Dessert and Favor Ideas For Prom

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Whether you’re offering a complete or you want to provide some sweet treats later in the evening, a great dessert can be one of the highlights of the night. But what to serve? Think outside the cake box, and see how sweet Prom can be with these trendy dessert ideas for today’s Prom events.    Continue Reading »

Create a Fresh and New Undersea Prom Theme Your Teens Will Love

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When it comes to an Under the Sea Prom theme, you might be saying, “Been there, done that” or think it’s too old fashioned for today’s modern teens. But, don’t give up on the idea of an undersea theme just yet. There are tons of ways you can take this classic theme up a notch  Continue Reading »

3 Easy Ways to Engage Students For Back-to-School

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It’s almost time for the beginning of a new school year, which means it’s time to start thinking of ways to get your kids pumped up, excited and overflowing with school pride. Here are three fun and easy ideas to help you get your students (and staff) excited for the new school year:   1)  Continue Reading »

6 Cost Savings Ideas for Your Prom Theme

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Choosing your Prom theme is an exciting task and you should dream big, but the reality is that most schools don’t have a huge budget. We’ve put together six cost savings tips from the experts at Prom Nite on how to stretch your Prom budget.   1. Use Key Props as Focal Points Choose and  Continue Reading »

Save Time: Get Unique Theme Ideas Now for Homecoming & Prom

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It’s never too early to think about ideas for your Homecoming dance and Prom night. Brainstorming ideas now will save time later because it will be one less thing to worry about when the big planning begins. Here are some fun theme ideas to get your creative juices flowing.   Make Your Theme A Movie  Continue Reading »

Video: Create an Amazing Prom Theme with Patterned Paper

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Patterned paper is one of the easiest and fastest ways to transform your Prom venue. You can make your Prom theme pop by using patterned in a few simple ways.   Some things you can make using patterned paper include: Structures (castle turrets, columns, pillars) Walkways, paths, rivers Floors (barn, ballroom) Walls (brick, flagstone, wood  Continue Reading »

10 Fun Ceiling Decorating Ideas For Prom

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When you’re decorating for Prom, don’t overlook the ceiling. With a few simple touches, you can turn your ceiling into part of your theme. Here are 10 fun ceiling decorating ideas to try.   1) Paper Lanterns or Tissue Balls Add drama to your space by covering the ceiling with paper lanterns or tissue balls.  Continue Reading »

After Prom: Party Ideas to Keep the Fun Going

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Many schools or parent groups host an After-Prom party to keep kids safe and accounted for after the dance. Most After-Prom parties feature a casual theme, so teens can unwind and have fun with their friends in a laid-back atmosphere. Here are a few ideas to get you started on your After-Prom party.   Mystery/Masquerade  Continue Reading »

Prom Volunteer Gift Ideas

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With Prom so focused on teens, adult Prom volunteers often get lost in the shuffle, which is too bad, because without this group of dedicated people, there would be no Prom at all. When the event is finally over, it’s important to let your dedicated parents, teachers and other volunteers know they are important, too,  Continue Reading »

5 Ways To Use Fabric in Your Prom Decorating

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Time is precious, especially when it comes to decorating for Prom. You need quick and easy ways to create the perfect look without taking up a ton of time (or your Prom budget). Try decorating with fabric. It’s a great way to give you maximum style with minimum time and effort. Check out these great  Continue Reading »